Snagit Unable to Capture Image From Scanner


Snagit is no longer able to capture from a scanner. The device is not detected, or Snagit displays an error.

Device Not Detected


Image Acquisition Failed



Snagit 2018 and later is a 64 bit application. As a result, Snagit is required to use a 64 bit TWAIN driver to detect and capture from scanners. Most scanners do not offer 64 bit TWAIN drivers, and as a result Snagit will not work with those devices. Please use one of the workarounds below to import an image from a scanner.

Option 1: Use Software Provided by Scanner Manufacturer

The best option is to use the software provided by the scanner manufacturer to scan the image. Once the image has been scanned, save it as a PNG or JPEG. The image can then be opened in the Snagit Editor by clicking File > Open.

Option 2: Install Snagit 13

Snagit 13 is a 32 bit application, and will therefore use 32 bit TWAIN drivers, which may work with the scanning device. Snagit 13 can be installed side by side with Snagit 2018 and later. To download Snagit 13, visit our downloads page.