Camtasia (Windows): TechSmith Asset Compatibility

TechSmith sources content from multiple partners in order to bring you a wide selection of choices. Sometimes, however, there is an asset that just is not ideal for use in Camtasia. 


In some cases icons are shown in a large sheet, as in this example:

To use this in Camtasia, try one of these methods.

Option 1: Use Camtasia's Crop Feature

  1. Add the image to your timeline/canvas
  2. Click the crop mode button at the top of the Camtasia Editor
  3. Drag the corners of the image on your canvas until only the icon you need is shown

Option 2: Edit the Image with Another Tool

Open the image in an image editor to modify the image before importing it into Camtasia.


Need an image editor? Check out TechSmith Snagit!

Videos/Images Are Not Showing Transparency

Some videos or images are clearly meant to be semi-transparent, but in the format Camtasia provide's (the format Camtasia supports), the transparency does not show. In the icon example above, the gray background needs to be removed. There are a few ways to handle this:

Option 1: Use Camtasia’s “Remove a color” Feature

  1. Add the video/image to your timeline/canvas.
  2. Click Visual Effects
  3. Drag the Remove a Color effect onto your media.
  4. In the Properties panel, use the color picker tool to select the background color you want to turn remove.
  5. Adjust tolerance and other settings to get the right look.

Option 2: Edit The Image/Video In Another Tool

Open the media in another image/video editor to modify the content, and then import the modified content into Camtasia.

Unable to Edit Text on Some Images

  1. Sometimes you find an image with example text like “Your text here”, but in the format you download (the format Camtasia supports), it is not editable. You can try:
    Cover the old text with a Camtasia annotation (callout)
  2. Edit in another tool first, like TechSmith Snagit, which has features for detecting, removing, or editing text even when it’s “burned” into the image. Check out the Smart Move feature in the Move tool.
  3. Remove the words in another tool (like Snagit), but add the new words in Camtasia, so they are easy to change later.

Snagit Example: