Media Displays "Missing" in the Media Bin


When opening a project the following error appears. Unable to locate file. Do you want to find the file?

When the project opens some clips in the Media Bin show as missing, and do not playback on the timeline in Camtasia.



This may happen if the original media that was imported is no longer in the same location as when the project was last saved, or the media has been renamed. Fix the problem using one of the options below.

Tip: Always Save Internally

For the best performance and to protect your data please work on your projects from your local hard drive. Avoid network drives and cloud drives while working on a project including exporting. Use external drives for transferring, backup, and archiving only.

Option 1: Update Media File References

If the location of the file is known, it is possible to update the project and re-link the media files.

          1. Open the Camtasia project, and open the Media Bin.
          2. Right-click the thumbnail of the missing media, and choose Update Media...
          3. In the window that opens, browse to where that media is stored.
          4. Select the media and click Open.

Tip: Save Location

Camtasia recordings, .trec files, are saved to Documents/Camtasia by default. Imported media can be imported from anywhere on the computer. You can also search for the exact file name of the missing file(s).

Option 2: Move All Media Files into Project Folder

Camtasia will first look for the media files in the same folder where the project (TSCPROJ) is saved. If the files are not found in that folder, then Camtasia will look in the location where the media was when the project was last saved. So, another option is to move all of the media files used in the project into the same folder as the project file (TSCPROJ), and then open the project.