Dropdown Menu Capture Does Not Work


When taking a capture of the dropdown menu on macOS, Snagit capture is unable to fully capture it. When capturing in Snagit, Ctrl-Shift-C is the default option to capture. However, it is unable to fully capture the dropdown menu and when hitting ESC, the capture crosshairs appear. 


First, make sure the latest updates for your version of Snagit are installed. From the menu bar, select Snagit > Check for Updates to install updates.
If the problem continues, try the steps below.

As a workaround, use the Mac's system screen shot utility (Shift-Command-4) to capture.


The capture will automatically save in the tray. If captured for the first time, an option will appear to save all images captured on Mac to Snagit. Click Open Screenshots in Snagit to save all images.