Snagit Unable to Record Video in Citrix Environments


While using Snagit to record video in a Citrix environment, the error below is displayed when the recording is stopped. Connecting to the client via a RDP session allows the recording to work correctly.


Cannot open file. Snagit does not support GIF or MP4 files with dimensions greater than 3840x2160 or less than 64x64.


This is the result of a conflict with Citrix API Hooks. To fix the problem, add the registry key below to disable the Citrix API hooks for the Snagit executables. More information about this registry key can be found in the Citrix Help Center.

Key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CtxUvi

Value Name: UviProcessExcludes

Type: REG_SZ

Value: snagit32.exe;snagiteditor.exe;snagitpi.exe;snagitpi64.exe;snagpriv.exe