Video Has Black Border in Camtasia


The exported video from Camtasia has a black border around it.


This can happen if the video is not the same size as the project canvas.


Resize the video to fit the canvas, or adjust the canvas to fit the video to fix the problem.

To avoid getting a blurry video, the canvas and the video should be the same size as the original imported video. See this support article for more information on how to avoid blurry videos in Camtasia: Camtasia (Windows): Produced Videos are Blurry or Low Quality

Option 1: Resize the Canvas to Fit the Video

  1. Make sure the video is at the desired size.


    Set the scale to 100% for the best quality.

  2. Right-click the canvas and choose Project Settings...
  3. Click the Canvas Dimensions dropdown and choose Fit to visible.
  4. Click Apply.

Option 2: Resize the Video to Fit the Canvas

  1. Right-click the canvas and choose Project Settings... to make sure the canvas is set to the desired size. Click Apply.
  2. Right-click the video on the canvas.
  3. Choose Scale to fit.