How Do I Update My Billing Information for My Subscriptions?


You can update the billing information for your subscription by following the steps below.


1. Enter the email address associated with the account here:

2. You will receive an email from TechSmith with a hyperlink to manage your orders within our billing system.



3. Go to the Subscriptions tab (NOT the Account Details and Payment Methods tab). Then click the Manage drop down menu and select "Update payment method"



4. Select "Use This" for the card you would like to select as your payment method. If the card you would like to use is not listed, please choose the "Add Payment Method" option to add it. Be sure to to select "Use This" after adding a new payment method.

You can also update your billing information via your TechSmith Account.
Under the Products Tab, choose subscriptions and then click on the Manage button & you'll perform the steps above to update your payment information.
Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions!