Camtasia Maximum Capture Frame Rate

What is Maximum Capture Frame Rate?

Maximum Capture Frame Rate is the highest frame rate in which Camtasia will capture up to. Camtasia is taking pictures (frames) of the screen with X (X being the frame rate chosen) many times per second. However, if there is no change on the screen from one frame to the next, then that duplicate frame is not recorded at all. For example, if an application window is recorded but the window does not change at all, then there is no need to record additional frames for the same content. Camtasia captures at a variable frame rate (VFR) and does not capture at a constant frame rate (CFR). 

What is a variable frame rate?

This is when the frame rate adjusts throughout a recording based on the content being recorded. 

Why does Camtasia capture at a variable frame rate?

We have found the majority of our users do not need a constant frame rate for their screen recordings. This also saves on file size significantly.

Can Camtasia record up to 60FPS?

With Camtasia 2024 and later, Camtasia can record up to true 60FPS. However, there are several factors at play in order to capture at true 60FPS since we capture at a variable frame rate: 

  • You must choose H264 for the Recording Encoder within the Camtasia Recorder Preferences
  • The content on your screen must be refreshing at 60FPS or higher (if the content is not playing back at 60FPS, there is no need for us to capture at 60FPS)
  • Your monitor refresh rate must be set to 60hz or higher
  • You must have the computer resources to be able to record up to a true 60FPS
  • See Guidelines for 4K 60FPS Recording and Editing for more information