Audiate Version History

12 October, 2021: 2021.5.3

  • Bug fix
    • Fixed a crash related to selection in the waveform view

6 October, 2021: 2021.5.2

  • General improvements
    • Audiate will now smoothly start playback and pause without clicking
    • Script view waveforms now load significantly faster
    • Waveform will no longer have artifacts at certain zoom levels in the waveform view
    • You can now cancel exporting
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a crash caused by extremely long file names on Windows
    • Fixed a crash caused by moving files out of a project folder while using Audiate
    • Fixed a bug where the Output Gain slider sometimes visually adjusted the waveform height

15 September, 2021: 2021.5.1

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a crash related to running out of disk space during recording
      • Audiate will now warn if there isn't enough disk space to record
    • Fixed a bug that caused Audiate to sometimes have clicks/pops during recording
    • Fixed a bug where dragging a selection in the waveform view wouldn't scroll properly when the application was in full screen
  • Waveform view improvement
    • Partial word selections now show on the word bar

31 August, 2021: 2021.5.0

  • Waveform view improvements
    • Clicking or dragging anywhere in the time bar will now always move the playhead position
    • Clicking or dragging anywhere in the waveform area will now always make a selection
    • Dragging the edges of a selection will now allow expanding or contracting the selection
    • Holding down shift and clicking or dragging will now allow expanding or contracting the selection
    • Shift clicking or dragging with no selection in the waveform area will make a selection from the playhead to the cursor location
  • Export a selection
    • You can now export the audio or script from any selection by right clicking or using the File menu
  • Performance Improvement
    • Improved the performance of moving between words in the script view with arrow keys
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash that occurred if the product was launched again before updating was complete
    • Fixed an issue where selecting to the left of a script line would select the entire line
    • Fixed an issue that caused playback word highlighting to behave incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue with importing audio from Camtasia

5 August, 2021: Audiate 2021.4.0

  • Performance Improvements
    • Massive performance improvements across the application, you should see every aspect of using Audiate has increased performance
      • Playheads in script and waveform views now move smoothly during playback
      • Mini waveforms in script view update faster
      • Scrolling in script is significantly faster
      • Waveform view playback now scrolls smoothly
      • Waveform view zooming is significantly faster
  • Waveform View can be scrolled and zoomed with the scroll wheel or trackpad
    • Scroll wheel or trackpad will scroll the waveform view
    • Scroll wheel or trackpad + Ctrl (Win) or Cmd (Mac) will zoom in/out the waveform view

28 July, 2021: Audiate 2021.3.5

  • Export and Save As Improved
    • You can now easily switch between different audio file formats in the Export dialog

    • Save As reworked to function as expected
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where exporting with audio plugins could sound different than playback in Audiate
    • Improvements to auto-save functionality

7 July, 2021: Audiate 2021.3.4

  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed an error that could occur during launch

1 July, 2021: Audiate 2021.3.3

  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent importing large audio files

23 June, 2021: Audiate 2021.3.2

  • Silence All Pauses
    • You can now silence all pauses (-) in your project to quickly silence breaths or room noise by using Edit > Silence All Pauses
    • Using the Unsilence feature released in 2021.3.0, you can individually restore any silence you decide you’d like to keep
  • Audio effect presets
    • You can now choose between presets for each effect to begin at a good starting point
  • Partial selections now appear in script view
    • When making a partial word selection in the waveform view, you can now also see it in the script view
  • Bug Fixes
    • When relaunching Audiate during an update, Audiate now only prompts to save your project once
    • Audiate will no longer show a white screen during startup
    • Fixed an issue that created multiple undo points when dragging the Output Gain slider

17 June, 2021: Audiate 2021.3.1

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where Audiate wouldn’t properly launch when sending audio from Camtasia
    • Improved error reporting
  • Updated Mac Icon

11 June, 2021: Audiate 2021.3.0

  • You can now unsilence silenced audio
    • Any audio that has been previously silenced can now be unsilenced by right clicking and selecting “Unsilence”
  • Improved timing precision of transcription
    • The script will more accurately match the timing of each word, allowing for more precise edits
  • Waveform view zooming improvements
    • Significantly improved performance of zooming in the waveform view
    • You can now zoom in/out in the waveform panel while holding down Ctrl (Win) or Cmd (Mac) and vertically scrolling your mouse wheel or trackpad
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash related to pasting with an empty clipboard
    • (Mac) Fixed a crash related to denying Audiate access to save or load files
    • Sign in workflow has been improved
    • Fixed a bug where small selections of audio would not be visible at certain zoom levels
    • Fixed a bug where it was easy to get unintentional small selections when clicking in the waveform panel
    • Fixed a bug where selections could get visibly out of sync with the script in the waveform view
    • Fixed a bug where the save prompts could show out of order when loading a new project while working in an unsaved project

27 April, 2021: Audiate 2021.2.0

  • Camtasia 2021 audio handoff
    • If you're on Camtasia 2021 (released April 27th, 2021) you can now send files directly between Camtasia and Audiate
      • In Camtasia, right click an audio media and select "Edit in Audiate..." to start editing it in Audiate
      • When you're done editing in Audiate (or if you started in Audiate), click the "Export" button and select "Export to Camtasia..." to send your audio directly to the Camtasia Media Bin or Timeline
      • Coming in a future update: Automatically edit your Camtasia video with Audiate edits!
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash related to saving and exporting from projects with audio effects

13 April, 2021: Audiate 2021.1.0

  • Much faster transcription speed
    • Importing audio and getting a transcription is drastically faster, to get you editing with minimal delay
  • Properties Panel improvements
    • The properties panel can now be docked on the side of the screen to keep it always open, as well as allowing for more properties to be viewed at once
    • Properties panel docked/undocked state will be remembered, so opening and closing the panel will keep it in your desired state
  • Mac
    • Audiate will now prevent the display from going to sleep while recording
    • You can now see progress of transcription or product updates in the dock and app switcher
    • You can now Command click on the project file in the title bar and see the file path (standard Mac behavior)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that could cause stopping playback to take longer than intended
    • Right clicking on a word in the script view should no longer cause selection to be lost and will now open the proper context menu
    • Select all while the "Custom Word" dialog is open should no longer be able to select the script behind the dialog

24 March, 2021: Audiate 2021.0.4

  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed an issue where Redo wouldn't function after an Undo of an effect change

4 March, 2021: Audiate 2021.0.3

  • Improved importing speeds
    • You should see significant improvements to transcription speed on import
    • More improvements to import speed will come in future releases
  • New sign-in workflow 
  • Bug Fixes
    • The EQ effect will now properly remember the current preset when modifying settings
    • Fixed a bug where moving a project cross-platform caused a loss of audio waveform and playback

15 February, 2021: Audiate 2021.0.2

  • Added a workaround for users that are unable to use Audiate on Windows
    • If you see disabled menus and controls in Audiate, this was due to certain files being unable to install. You’ll now see a warning on installation to help you install the necessary files manually

29 January, 2021: Audiate 2021.0.1

  • Script Exporting bug fix
    • Exporting the script as an .SRT file from Audiate for use in other products like Camtasia should now work properly

28 January, 2021: Audiate 2021.0.0

  • New exporting formats
    • You can now export to .mp3 and .m4a file formats
  • Easier script corrections
    • Double clicking a word, or pressing Control + D on Windows or Command + D on Mac, will now open the custom word dialog for easier script corrections
  • Improved audio effects controls
    • The most important controls in each effect are now emphasized. Most of the time, you should only need to interact with these controls, but if you’d like to dig deeper the other options are still available to you by scrolling down
  • Added an output meter in the properties panel
    • You can now see the Peak and RMS output levels of your playback in the properties panel, as well as adjust the overall output volume of Audiate
  • Added the ability to opt out of reporting anonymous crashes and analytics, as well as opting out of improving the speech to text engine over time. You can learn more here:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause audio pops and clicks during recordings

8 December, 2020: Audiate 2020.2.1

  • Support for transcribing new languages
    • Audiate itself will still be in English, but you can now select which language you'd like to transcribe in the Settings > Language menu
    • We've added support to transcribe audio spoken in the following languages
      • English (UK)
      • English (Australian)
      • Dutch
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Brazilian Portuguese
      • Spanish (Castilian)
      • Spanish (Argentinian)
      • Spanish (Columbian)
      • Spanish (Mexican)
      • Spanish (Peruvian)
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed a startup crash related to the auto-save functionality

23 November, 2020: Audiate 2020.2.0

  • Audio Effects! We've added 7 effects to help improve the quality of your voice recordings
    • Remove Noise: Remove background noise like a fan or street ambiance to get a cleaner, clearer recording. Apply Remove Noise to most recordings before applying other effects for the best results.
    • Volume Leveler: Use Volume Leveler to level out the volume of a recording. This effect will keep your voice at a consistent, professional sounding level
    • Equalizer: Use the Equalizer effect to make adjustments to the clarity and tone of your recordings. You can take a recording that sounds muddy or hollow, and make it sound clear and full
    • DeEsser: Remove hard consonant pronunciations such as “Ess” or “S” from a recording
    • Remove Reverb: Remove audio tails and echoes which commonly occur in large open spaces from a recording
    • Remove Plosives: Remove pops and breath sounds of powerful “P” pronunciations from the recording
    • DeClipper: Remove distortion and clipping that occur with improper microphone levels from the recording
  • Improved Importing
    • Now when you import a file, you can see it appearing behind the progress dialog as it is transcribing
    • If you cancel or lose connection at any time, you can now edit what has already been transcribed, and resume transcribing by right clicking the [...] at the end of your file and choosing "Transcribe Selection"
  • Offline editing
    • If you lose connection, or have to travel without an internet connection, Audiate will now allow editing for up to 24 hours since the last connection
    • Please note, any transcription features require an internet connection, so you'll still need to be connected to make use of recording, importing and transcription
  • Auto-save
    • Audiate will now auto-save backups of your projects every minute. If you crash for any reason, you'll be prompted the next time you open that project (if it was previously saved) or open Audiate (if it was never saved) to load the latest auto-saved version of a project

8 September, 2020: Audiate 2020.1.3

  • Users who were experiencing an issue where the menus were inaccessible should now be able to use Audiate

2 September, 2020: Audiate 2020.1.2

  • You can now edit previously saved Audiate projects while offline for up to 24 hours since your last connection
    • Features like importing and recording still require an internet connection in order to transcribe audio
    • Added warnings when trying to use features that require an internet connection while offline
  • Made it much easier to access Audiate logs to send to our tech support

17 August, 2020: Audiate 2020.1.1

  • Greatly improved editing quality
    • Audiate will now automatically round the edges of your edits, to make sure you never experience clicks or pops when editing!
  • The waveform panel is now resizable
  • Added support to allow importing additional file formats
    • .mp3
    • .m4a
    • .mp4
    • If a format is unsupported Audiate now shows a proper warning, and more formats will be added in the future
  • Audiate will now allow for retrying when losing connection during critical functionality like updating and transcribing, and will properly message when unable to connect

13 July, 2020: Audiate 2020.1.0

  • Improvements to stability and security
  • Improved selection in the script panel
  • Improved the ability to insert additional recordings
    • When pressing record, a new recording will begin at the current playhead time, and will no longer overwrite a selection
  • Dragging the playhead at the edge of the waveform view is more responsive

17 June, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.6

  • Fixed a crash when saving Audiate projects to another volume
  • Added a warning before attempting transcription of an audio file past our supported duration
    • This is currently set to 90 minutes, we will be removing this limit in the future
    • Projects can be any duration, so importing multiple files that are less than 90 minutes is possible. Any additional imports will be placed where your current playhead position is.
  • Fixed an issue causing connection loss to the transcription service
  • Added a warning when connection to the transcription service is dropped
  • Added a way to recover from having grayed out menus and being unable to use Audiate
    • If you are experiencing this issue, please follow up with support for steps to fix

4 June, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.5

  • Fixed a bug preventing some users from accessing menus or controls

27 May, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.4

  • Hesitations should now properly be displayed in the waveform panel.

27 May, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.3

  • Improved the waveform panel user interface.
  • Fixed a bug with recording and importing that caused a crash.

19 May, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.2

  • Audiate will now allow you to resume importing after reconnecting if your internet connection is lost during the transcription process.
  • Fixed the “what’s new” link to properly go to the Audiate release notes.

7 May, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.1

  • Improved "Import Audio" progress meter with more accurate time estimates.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

28 April, 2020: Audiate 2020.0.0 

  • Transcribe your voice instantly. Press record and get an immediate transcription of everything you say.
  • Import any WAV file and get a transcription in about as long as it would take to play it back.
    • MP3, M4A, and MP4 import coming soon!
  • Edit your audio using text. Using the generated transcription,silence and delete sections as audio as easily as editing a text document!
  • Enhance the sound of your microphone with built in noise reduction and volume leveling.
    • A suite of plugins to use with all audio is coming soon!
  • Zoom in and make detailed edits using the waveform panel, while still being able to see the boundaries of each word Export your transcript as a caption file (SRT) or text file for use in other applications - such as Camtasia.
  • Export your edited audio to a high-quality .WAV file for use in other applications.
  • Coming soon
    • MP3, M4A
    • export Seamless single click export of audio into Camtasia