Capture Version History For Windows


  • Add upload queue to allow users to defer uploads in situations where connectivity is poor
  • Recovered videos are now added directly to the upload queue
  • Uploaded file names match capture time instead of upload time
  • Fix an issue where Nahimic audio could prevent recordings from starting
  • Remove feedback survey link
  • Queued uploads stored in settings directory instead of app directory %LocalAppData%RelayRecorder_Settings\UploadQueue
  • Improved upload resilience


  • Fix an issue where a timeout while refreshing sign-in status could crash the app


  • Desktop launch supports Knowmia uploads (default Knowmia workflows are unchanged, but Screencast users will have the option to choose Knowmia destinations)
  • Prevent running on Windows 7 and 8
  • Fix a bug where temporary recordings were not cleaned up in some cases
  • Fix an issue where image captures would result in elevated memory usage
  • Fix an issue where the small recording HUD would be shown when it shouldn’t
  • Increase resilience of file recovery


  • Fix an issue where recordings would crash immediately on Win7 and 8 (and sometimes Win10)
  • Prevent recovery dialogs from appearing on Win7 because recovery would never succeed


  • Windows 7 and 8 are no longer officially supported.  A new warning dialog appears on startup, and after the countdown (155 days) has expired, the app will no longer start
  • Updated tooltips and icons for the recording HUD
  • System audio level indicator while recording
  • Startup prompt to recover recordings if the app unexpectedly closes during recording
  • Fix an issue where missing permissions could crash the app during installation


  • Restore changes from 1.1.18 and fixes issue where can't run on Win7
  • Enable PiP move and resize


  • Roll back 1.1.18 changes (issues with library updates on Win7)


  • The app checks for updates even if you do not sign in
  • Updated recording libraries (fewer crashes, performance improvements)
  • Fixed an issue where image captures could crash after changing display settings


  • Added picture-in-picture mode for webcam recording
    • Fullscreen webcam is still an option
    • PiP only available in the bottom-right corner
    • Cannot change between PiP and fullscreen while recording
    • Cannot change which webcam is being used while recorded
    • CAN toggle webcam on or off while recording
    • Fixed crash when installing on Windows 10N


  • Fix an issue where image captures could crash Capture with some multi-monitor configurations


  • Fix an issue where the recording controls could be lost behind the webcam preview window
  • Update capture button text to “Capture” when launching in Knowmia/Relay mode
  • Fix a startup crash issue
  • Fix an issue where the wrong area could be captured on multi-monitor setups with different DPI scaling


  • Remove webcam options from main UI


  • Add an “Acknowledgements” button to view the licenses file from the About dialog
  • Captures uploaded to Screencast “Capture” folder that is hidden by default


  • Add an option to start Capture when Windows starts
  • Capture hotkey now pauses and resumes instead of stopping the recording
  • Fixed some crashes that could occur on startup related to file permissions, hotkeys in use, and launching a second instance of Capture


  • Replace “Relay” references with “Knowmia”
  • New crash reporting system (backtrace)
  • Fix an issue where the capture hotkey could be used while modal dialogs were open
  • Fix an issue where the video preview controls weren’t completely visible on small videos
  • Fix an issue with inconsistent tooltip capitalization in the recording controls
  • Previous file location is remembered when saving image captures
  • Callouts support triple-click to select all text


  • Logging upload activity by default
  • Logging additional upload activity for additional debugging information
  • Additional usage data collected in order to understand preferred/common workflows and tool/functionality usage
  • Correct multiple DPI issues with components of TechSmith Capture appearing too large or too small depending on the user’s settings, particularly when multiple monitors are involved
  • Correct issue where canceling a recording results in a state from which the user cannot proceed
  • Image annotation internal refactor
  • Installer updates
  • Fix an issue where the preview wouldn’t reappear immediately after cancelling an upload
  • Print Screen key can be set as the capture hotkey
  • Fix an issue where the unminimized recording HUD could appear in the recording after the recording was paused and resumed
  • Fix an issue where the capture preview could appear partially offscreen on some multi-monitor setups
  • Add a “Give Feedback” link to the main window
  • Fix an issue where cancelling an upload could leave blank items on Screencast


  • Fix an issue where the app would close after successful image uploads to Screencast


  • Add an EULA to the installer.  Accepting the EULA is now required for installation
  • Object shadows no longer hidden while manipulating annotations
  • Image annotation window can zoom in and out
  • Maximize and minimize buttons are available on some dialogs where they were previously missing
  • Change enabled/disabled state of webcam toggle button in pre-recording HUD to reflect whether or not a webcam is selected to be used during recording
  • Fix an issue where the webcam light could turn on while the camera was not recording


  • Fix an issue where “Upload in Progress” would display incorrectly while  an upload was not in progress
  • Add “Run in background’ option
  • Use “Ctrl+Y” for redo in image editor
  • Streamline main UI
  • Fixed hotkey control tab order and hover states
  • Add “Continue Editing” option after image upload completes
  • Fix an issue where customized hotkey would not stop the recording


  • System audio now toggled in HUD
  • App is only always on top if launched from web
  • Copies URL to clipboard in Screencast mode
  • Display URL copied to clipboard in upload complete dialog
  • Upload button informs user of destination (Screencast or Relay, currently)
  • After copy and save (for image), user has option of returning to the editor or closing the editor
  • Hotkey button now customizable


  • Image annotations
  • Screencast stays open after install
  • Offline mode no longer blocks user from capturing (if logged in before internet disconnected)
  • Removed image capture dimensions restrictions (small captures, odd dimensions previously not permitted)


  • Renamed Relay Recorder app to TechSmith Capture in Assembly Info (which is used by the protocol handler)


  • Renamed Relay Recorder app to TechSmith Capture
  • Icon for Relay Recorder now same as TechSmith Capture


  • Pre-recording mode (for choosing between image and video capture)
  • Ability to capture an image in TechSmith Capture mode
  • Ability to preview an image in TechSmith Capture mode
  • Save images to file, or copy to clipboard
  • Fix call to for default folder
  • Image uploading to
  • Minor text changes
  • Default timestamp format changed


  • Rebranded, renamed application (in some cases)  to "TechSmith Capture"
  • New icon
  • Capable of and will upload to in some cases; if user launches from, it will upload to, but if it launches from Relay, it'll upload to Relay
  • Able to launch from the desktop for interaction with
  • If the app is installed from, a desktop icon is installed
  • If user isn't signed in to but is on that upload path, they’ll be prompted to sign in
  • Capable of signing out from, once signed in


  • Text change in “Launch Recorder” dialog to match Relay
  • Fixed video/audio synchronization problem when no changes occur on screen immediately following starting/resuming recording or switching to screen video


  • “Save As” button is exposed in the event of a failure during upload in order to prevent loss of video
  • All dialogs have close buttons
  • Add window during post-recording MOOV move in order to inform user if there is a delay
  • Cursor and cross-monitor screen capture bug fixes
  • Fix issue where recordings may not start due to slow audio devices on first run after computer restarts
  • Inform user if selected microphone during pre-recording, post-selection set-up
  • Prevent closing camera preview window to avoid crash
  • Error logging



  • Keep main window as topmost while it is open, in order to reduce user confusion
  • Fixed crash when multiple running versions of the app contended for access to the user settings file
  • Fixed state where user could not record after disconnecting a device during a previous recording
  • Added logging during protocol registration immediately following installation



  • Refactored state engine to reduce likelihood of trouble switching recording states
  • Fixed cross-monitor bug switching between screen and webcam capture
  • Renamed several user data tags
  • Fixed crash in malformed settings file
  • Fixed fatal issues where machine has zero recording devices during installs or subsequent runs
  • Allow seeking on preview timeline
  • Renamed installer
  • Fixed possible crash when preview window is closed/upload begins



  • Fix bug where deleting RELEASES file causes app to try to delete itself



  • Replaced encoding engine with customized pipeline for greater control over use of graphics cards
  • Post-recording preview window playback controls
  • Faster uploading and finalizing using new cloud SDK
  • Fix bug where webcam preview does not display on certain Windows 7 machines
  • Fix bug where webcam obscures HUD
  • Fix bug where HUD disappears when user selects “no camera”



  • Fix an issue where the recording HUD could appear behind the webcam preview
  • Replace the mini HUD restart button with a webcam toggle button
  • Fix an issue where the selection UI would show the original, stale desktop image after restarting a recording
  • Fix an issue where Revulytics would sometimes fail to send any usage data



  • Webcam capture
  • Pause functionality during recording
  • Improved screen capture using GPU on Windows 8 and above
  • Modernized device audio capture
  • Improved flexibility for seamless uploading to diverse set of clients
  • Improved flexibility for responding to custom protocol handlers
  • Improved flexibility for anonymous usage data reporting


  • Screen capture of regions up to 4K
  • Auto-scaling encoding capping at 1080p
  • Device audio capture
  • System audio capture
  • Region and Fullscreen capture modes
  • Optional cursor capture
  • Record, stop, mute (both device and system audio), restart, and cancel functionality
  • Preview window
  • Seamless upload without any user interaction
  • Responds to custom protocol handler
  • Default capture hotkey
  • Anonymous usage data reporting 
  • Pre-recording dimensions reporting
  • Record time display
  • Region selection magnifier and dimensions reporting