Knowmia Groups Are Now Called Collections

In September 2020 all Knowmia Groups were converted to Knowmia Collections. This was mostly a change in name only. We felt the term “Collection” better represented the intent of the feature, which is to share multiple pieces of media with a single link. Other users can still follow and contribute to Collections, depending on Collection settings. Below you will find answers to common questions about the name change.

  1. What happened to all of my Groups?
    • All existing Groups were converted to Collections. If you owned or managed a group, you will find the corresponding collection on the left sidebar of the My Library tab. You can also use this sidebar to create new Collections or manage existing ones. We hope you find it easier to drag videos from your library into the appropriate collection.
    • If you used the My Groups tab to view media, we’ve renamed that tab to “Feed.” The Feed shows the latest media from Collections you follow, starting with the most recently added. It’s also where you find all of the Collections you manage or follow.
  2. Do I need to share new links now that my Groups are Collections?
    • No. The links for your Groups and corresponding media did not change.

  3. Do I need to do anything else to make this conversion a success?
    • No. Collections maintain the same options and settings as Groups. To manage or build Collections, visit your library. To view media from Collections you follow, visit your feed.
  4. Can multiple people contribute to a Collection?
  5. Can I share a Collection in my LMS?
    • When selecting media via an LTI Tool, you will not yet be able to select an entire collection. If you need to share an entire collection, consider sharing a direct link. To get a link to your collection, click the options menu and select Share: