Capture Version History For macOS


  • Added Upload Queue Tray for Images
  • Added "Upload Later" button to image preview so images can be saved to the upload queue and be uploaded later.
  • Image captures are named for the CAPTURE date and time. It used to be the upload date and time.
  • Added Clear Upload Queue Menu Item
  • Added menu item to the settings menu to clear all the upload queue items in case user has a lot of them.
  • Fixed Capture doesn't run when installed at as root:wheel
  • Fixed upload queue tray only opens enough to accommodate number of items in it
  • Fixed upload queue tray horizontal scroll bar shows up on 10.15, 10.14, 10.3


  • Change recording tooltips to be a little more clear and change based on their toggle state
  • Fix tooltip display off bottom of monitor when recording bar is near the bottom
  • Fix PiP doesn’t show at start of prerecording when it’s defaulted to on
  • Move to Azure CDN from


  • PiP can now be moved to any of the four corners, either via drop-down menu or dragging with mouse
  • PiP can now be resized by mouse
  • System audio can be toggled during recording, if the recording began with system audio enabled
  • The hotkey used to start and stop recording will now start and pause recording
    • This aligns with Windows behavior, and other TSC apps


  • Added picture-in-picture mode for webcam recording
    • Fullscreen webcam is still an option
    • PiP only available in the bottom-right corner
    • Cannot change between PiP and fullscreen while recording
    • Cannot change which webcam is being used while recorded
    • CAN toggle webcam on or off while recording


  • Fix cam toggle state not remembered on pressing Record button 
  • Fix tab focus order


  • Rename Relay to Knowmia
  • Add full screen button during selection


  • Can now turn webcam on during a recording, even if it wasn’t on from the start
  • Added new toggle on the MainUI for enabling (or disabling) the webcam
    • Already present in Windows
  • Added entry in the ‘help’ menu that will open web Customer education resources when clicked
  • Added “Give Feedback” button to the bottom of the MainUI, which opens a survey
    • Already present in Windows
  • Fixed Screencast upload progress bar to correctly update, instead of freezing at 20%


  • Add turn default cam on if cam selected in main UI Add mic/cam prompt on click capture button because we were unable to push the prompt closer to device usage
  • Fix cam doesn't preview after redo recording
  • Fix crash on using capture hotkey after ESC redo recording


  • Add cam preview during pre-recording setup

  • Add 'Fix Permissions' to preferences dialog

  • Add help link to permissions dialog to help users understand about MacOS permissions

  • Improve false negative screen capture permission

  • Fix crash on stop when system under stress

  • Fix crash using hotkey after cancel selection


  • Fix for crash on save image

  • Improved crash diagnostics for Screencast SDK

  • More performant region selection


  • Remove/move most video controls from main UI

    • completely remove capture cursor. set to always capture for videos, never capture in images

    • completely remove region / full screen selection

    • move system audio toggle to prerecording HUD

    • move mic selection to prerecording HUD

    • leave cam selection on MainUI for consistency with win TechSmith Capture

  • Allow customizing of of hotkey

  • Use Snagit style prompt for permissions

  • Be always on top only when opened from a website

  • Add EULA to dmg installer, not to Relay dmg installer

  • Fix hotkey doesn't work when minimized

  • Fix webcam blinks/crashes during transition in 10.15


  • Add destination (Relay or Screencast) to upload button label

  • Remove 'Open the File' from image Save as done dialog

  • Copy Screencast upload location links to clipboard

  • Display Screencast upload location with option to (re)copy and open

  • Add 'Close Preview' and 'Continue Editing' to image upload, copy, and save complete dialog