Export Audio

Export audio, script, or caption files to use in TechSmith Camtasia or other applications.

Export Audio File

To export a WAV, MP3, or M4A audio file, select Export button > Export to File > Save as type > Save.


Export to Camtasia

Export your edited voice-over files to TechSmith Camtasia to use professional audio in your video projects. To learn how to edit existing audio files in your Camtasia projects, see Export an Audio File.


  1. Edit the audio in Audiate. See Edit Audio and Mistakes.
  2. Select Export button > Export to Camtasia.
  3. The Export to Camtasia dialog appears. Select where to export the audio file in Camtasia:


    • Export audio to Media Bin: Adds the audio file into the Media Bin in a Camtasia project to use as a source file.
    • Export audio to Timeline: Adds the audio file onto the timeline in a Camtasia project to include in the video. If you edited audio from a Camtasia project, Audiate replaces the original audio file directly on the timeline.
  4. Click Export.

The edited audio file is exported into a Camtasia project.

Export a Caption File

Select File > Export Script > Save as type > Subtitles (SRT) > Save.

Export a Script

Select File > Export Script > Save as type > Text files > Save.


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