Exporting Audio Files Between Camtasia and Audiate

Export to Audiate for Editing

Export to TechSmith Audiate to edit your narration and create smooth, professional sounding voice clips.

  • Use text-based editing to quickly remove words or edit hesitations, such as "ums" or "ahs."
  • Edit the transcription and correct words to export the text for a script or captions.

  1. Right-click a voice-over audio clip on the timeline and select Edit in Audiate.
  2. Camtasia locks the current project and opens Audiate. If you have not previously installed TechSmith Audiate, click the Download Audiate button.
  3. Edit the audio in Audiate. To learn how to edit audio in TechSmith Audiate, see Edit Audio and Mistakes.
  4. Select Export button > Export to Camtasia.
  5. The Export to Camtasia dialog appears. Select where to export the edited audio file in Camtasia:


    • Export audio to Media Bin: Adds the edited audio file into the Media Bin in the Camtasia project.
    • Export audio to Timeline: Replaces the original audio file directly on the timeline in the Camtasia project.
  6. Click Export.

The edited audio file is exported into the Camtasia project.