Panoramic HUD Control Bar Is Captured During Panoramic Capture


Panoramic capture using Snagit captures controls.



This is a known issue with capturing full-screen one a single monitor setup. As a workaround with a single monitor setup please select an area of the screen. Then prior to starting the Panoramic Capture move the controller outside of the selected area.

Selection Area Tips

  • Resize the web browser or application window to a larger size so it is easier to view the content as you scroll or pan during capture.
  • Do not include the scroll bar in the selection.
  • Consider excluding irrelevant content in the capture such as blank margins, online ads, etc.
  • Disable floating toolbars before capture.

Scrolling and Panning Tips

  • Scroll smoothly. Do not scroll too fast or slow.
  • Scroll or pan one direction at a time. Try not to zigzag.