Unable to Start Camtasia Error


When opening Camtasia, one of the following error message appears:
"Unable to Start Camtasia. Do You Want to View the Recommended Steps to Resolve the Issue on Our Support Website?"


"Unable to start Camtasia. If this problem persists, please contact Technical Support."




Option 1

Please try these steps:

  1. Close Camtasia including this error message
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Navigate to the following location: C:/Users/Public/TechSmith/Camtasia
  4. Delete the License folder there.
  5. Navigate to C:/ProgramData/TechSmith/Camtasia Studio 22 ( You can substitute your version number for "22" so Camtasia 2021 would be C:/ProgramData/TechSmith/Camtasia Studio 21)

    Note: ProgramData is a hidden folder and you may need to enable viewing of hidden folders in File Explorer to see it. 
  6. Delete both the Identity folder, and the RegInfo.ini file there.
  7. Reboot the computer, open up Camtasia.

Option 2

Confirm you're on the latest version of Camtasia. You can download and install the latest version to see if that corrects your issue.

Option 3

If Option 1 or 2 do not work, please start a Technical Support ticket with us and include the following files:

  • Open the following folder: C:\Users\Public\TechSmith\Camtasia\License
  • Send all the files you see in this folder when you submit your ticket. You can send them individually (they are small enough) or you can zip them up and send them as a .ZIP file by highlighting the files, then right click and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder

Reason 1: Error After Stopping a Recording

Try this step first

  • Right click on Camtasia Recorder in the windows start menu and choose Run as Administrator
  • See if you get the same error

If this error is still happening when stopping a recording, please try the suggestions in these support articles: 

Reason 2: Error Starting Camtasia

If this error is happening when trying to start Camtasia, try this step:

  • Right click on Camtasia in the windows start menu and choose Run as Administrator

If that does not work, please submit a support ticket with Technical Support.

Reason 3: Recorder set to produce instantly or clicking produce in Preview window

If this error is happening when you have Camtasia Recorder set to produce instantly, or when you click on the produce button within the preview window after the recorder has finished, then please follow these steps. Open Camtasia Recorder>Tools>Options>Program and set this to the default options as shown in the setting below. Once set, try Camtasia again.