Snagit 2022 Library does not display files


After installing Snagit 2022 and converting the previous captures the Library appears empty.


Please try all of the troubleshooting steps below.

Option 1: Restart the computer

Option 2: Troubleshoot Snagit Search

Please follow the steps listed in this article: Snagit Search Not Working

Option 3: Check Search settings in Windows 

Click the Windows Start button, select Settings, and search for "Windows Search". Open Windows Search Settings

Make sure the Library location is not excluded from search. (If you do not know your Library location, you can find it in the Snagit Editor by going to Edit->Editor Preferences->Library. Hover over "Choose location" to view the filepath.)



If it is not excluded go to More Search Indexer Settings in that window and click on Advanced Search Indexer. Confirm that the Users folder is set to be indexed 



If users is set to be indexed click on Advanced button and select the File Types to make sure that snagx files are set to be indexed 


Option 4: Contact support

If all of the above does not work please create a support ticket to look deeper into this