Snagit Mac Temporary Recording Location


Snagit crashed or was not properly closed during a recording


These locations below are where the recording file could be, the file may not be in any of these locations, or it may be there, but might not be recoverable.


  • Re-open Snagit, if it prompts you with the following message, then you can choose Recover and Snagit will automatically recover anything that is able to be recovered.    


  • Open the Finder application, click on Go in the top left, then navigate to Mac HD/Users/<Your Username>/Library/Group Containers/ 2022/Temporary - the file may be listed here. If it is, double click it or try to open it in Snagit. 



  • The last location it may be in is in the Autosaved Captures folder, which can be found in Documents/Snagit/Autosaved Captures. If the file is there, double click it or try to open it in Snagit. 

If none of the above locations hold the files you're looking for, then the file is most likely not recoverable. You can start a ticket with us if you'd like to be sure.