TechSmith Single Sign On Options

TechSmith currently offers single sign-on (SSO) as an option for our TechSmith Relay customers. Users who try to access your instance of TechSmith Relay are sent to your organization’s sign-on system for authentication. If the user is already signed into the organization’s systems, there will not be an additional need to authenticate again, the user will be redirected back and signed in. SSO provides a familiar login workflow for users, limits accounts that users have to remember, and allows accounts to be managed in a central location within your organization. The TechSmith implementation allows for just-in-time provisioning of users, where an account is only created when the user attempts to sign in.


TechSmith’s options for implementing SSO include:

Azure Active Directory

SAML v2.0 (SP – initiated)


Additional Information

Many identity provider systems support SAML v2.0 as an option. It may not be clear based on the name of the system, but there may be options within the configuration to enable, or configure a SAML2 provider. Your organization may use any Identity management system of your choosing, as long as there is an option to use the SAML specification.

TechSmith has worked with several different identity provider systems, including Shibboleth, Oracle Access Manager, CAS (v5+), ADFS, OneLogin, and Google (SAML 2).


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