Camtasia (Mac): Guidelines for working with 4K content


What is 4k?

The term 4K, refers to a display that has a resolution of 4,096×2,160 pixels, but most 4K displays you will find are actually "Ultra HD" displays with slightly lower 3,840×2,160 resolutions. 

  • Ultra HD: 3,840×2,160 pixels
  • 4K: 4,096×2,160 pixels
  • 5K: 5,120×2,880 pixels

We currently do not have full support for 4k editing, but you should be able to record and edit at the Ultra HD resolution.

What Kind of Machines are recommended for 4K editing/recording?

We recommend using machines that have native Ultra HD displays when recording or editing Ultra HD. You can see a list of devices that Apple offers with 4k support from the link here.

Can I still edit 4K video if my machine does not meet the specifications above?

Nothing in the software prevents you from editing 4K content.  However, on lower powered machines the playback performance could appear to be choppy and working with the software in general could be slow making it difficult to make edits. If editing 4K content is something you would like to accomplish we do recommend a machine with similar specifications as the computer above.

What are some other tips to make sure I get the best 4K editing experience?

  1. Edit on a 4k monitor to reduce any scaling that would occur on a smaller monitor.
  2. Make sure your project settings are set to 3840x2160.  To make that change click on File > Project Settings > Custom.
  3. Always have the source content on a local hard drive.  Using an SSD drive will help even more.


For information on working with 4K content with Camtasia Windows, please see the following link here

If you have any other questions related to working with 4K content, feel free to contact the Support team, by submitting a ticket at the following link here

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