Legacy Sign in Service Retirement

Does this affect me?

The TechSmith Legacy Sign in Service Retirement only affects users on the following versions:

  Mac Windows
Camtasia 2020 v.20.0.16 and earlier

v.20.0.13 and earlier 

Camtasia 2019 v.19.0.10 and earlier

v.19.0.10 and earlier

Camtasia 2018 and earlier All versions

All versions


  Mac Windows
Snagit 2021 v.21.2.0 and earlier

v.21.3.1 and earlier 

Snagit 2020 v.20.2.3 and earlier v.20.1.5 and earlier

Snagit 2019 and


All versions All versions



I'm on a version that is affected. What does this mean for me?

With the retirement of the Legacy sign-in options, any user that is on one of the versions above will not be able to sign into a TechSmith account from that unsupported version of Snagit/Camtasia. The application will still work, but any options that require signing into your TechSmith account will not be available. (For example, sharing to Screencast directly from Camtasia or Snagit will not work.) You may also get the following message screen when trying to sign into the product:


I want to still use some of these options. What can I do?

If you're on one of the above versions for Snagit 2020/2021 or Camtasia 2019/2020, all you need to do is update to the latest release of your version of Snagit/Camtasia. You can find downloads for the latest update to your version here:

  Mac Windows
Camtasia 2020 v.20.0.19


Camtasia 2019 v.19.0.11



  Mac Windows
Snagit 2021 v.21.4.9


Snagit 2020 v.20.2.5 v.20.1.8


If you're on a version of Snagit older than 2020 or Camtasia 2019, you can upgrade to the latest version of Snagit or Camtasia to continue using these features for half the price of a new license. 

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