Camtasia (Windows): Produced videos are blurry or seem low quality


Video appears blurry or low quality in the canvas area of Camtasia Studio or after producing your video.

Solution 1

First, if the video dimensions are changed at any time from when you start recording to when you produce, it can cause blurry video.  To solve this problem it is best to record, edit, and produce all at the same dimensions.  Below are images showing exactly where you can set your recording, editing, and production dimensions to make sure everything is the same.

In Camtasia Recorder you can set your recording dimensions here:

While editing, in Camtasia Studio you can set your editing dimensions here:


If you're not sure what dimensions you recorded at you can right click your recording in the media bin or clip bin and go to details or properties to see what dimension it is.  See below:


When you produce your video you'll want to make sure your dimensions match what is set in the editing dimensions.  See below.

In the example above everything was set to 1280x720.  But it doesn't have to be.  As long as the dimensions are the same it could be anything.  For example, you could record, edit, and produce all at 1920x1080 and that would also look clear.  Or even 1440x900.  The most important takeaway is to have the dimensions the same in all three phases.


Solution 2

The second reason your video may appear blurry is if you are viewing it on YouTube or Vimeo and the HD option is not selected.  Below are screenshots showing where to select that HD option for each of those web sites.


For further assistance on getting clear video on YouTube see the articles below.

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