Problems uploading content to account


I am having trouble uploading content to my Screencast account.


Many times, uploading problems are the result of a poor connection to the Servers.

To establish what your connection speed is to the Servers currently, please visit the link below and select Lansing Michigan:

If your results are not within the range presented below, you may experience problems Uploading, Downloading, and Viewing content on

  • 50 ms or less for Ping
  • 5.0 Mbps or more for Download Speed
  • 1.0 Mbps or more for Upload Speed

These are not necessarily minimum requirements for using, merely a baseline of minimum connection properties while maintaining a reasonably fast experience when using the service.

Error Message: Local System Error

This Error Message indicates that the connection between your computer and the Servers failed, or timed out, during the upload process.

Typically this is the result of Security Software Settings on your computer not allowing proper access to

You may need to check to make sure that the following information is added to your Safe Sites or White List in the Security Software, Proxy Server, or Network Firewall:



Once added, you should be able to upload content using both the Web Browser interface and Desktop Uploader to your Account.