My YouTube video has received a Copyright Claim.


I have received a Copyright Claim on YouTube for a video using Camtasia Assets that have been purchased from the TechSmith Asset Store. You may receive an email notification from YouTube that looks similar to this:


This message indicates that a Copyright owner (or from an agency on behalf of the Copyright holder) has flagged your video for verification to ensure you are licensed to use/monetize the video containing copyrighted content. Your account standing is not affected by this.


The first step is to dispute the claim via YouTube’s Dispute process and should be done as soon as possible. You can dispute a claim by clicking the “View claim details” link found in the notification email; note that you will need to have a copy of the TechSmith Asset Store Terms of Service which is available here, to complete the Dispute Process.

If the asset you asset that you are using is one of Camtasia's default library files, such as the song, "At the Top" and you have received a Content ID claim, please follow the same steps as below, but use our Camtasia EULA instead of the TechSmith Asset Store ToS, which can be found here (PDF version available here).

If you did not receive an email notification like the above image, please follow these steps to dispute a Copyright Claim on YouTube:

  1. Log into your YouTube channel that has received a Copyright Claim and click on Your Videos in the left-most sidebar; see:


  2. Locate the affected video and click on the “Details” icon for the Claimed video, see:


  3. Click on the “Copyright Claim” bubble in the right-hand pane and choose “See Details:”


    • Please make note of the file name and claimant found in the “Content Used” and “Copyright owners” see:


  4. Click on “Actions” and choose the “Dispute” option as seen below:


  5. Follow the on-screen prompts that will walk you through the Dispute process; see the below video for details:

Important Information

We (TechSmith) do not create the songs ourselves (we source them from 3rd parties) so other parties may have a copyright claim on the material. In some cases, they choose to enforce that on YouTube.

It is important to note that assets obtained through the TechSmith Asset Store for Camtasia are assets but they are still copyrighted by a 3rd party. When using assets on videos stored on hosting sites like YouTube, the copyright owner (or an agency working on their behalf) may submit a Copyright Claim as a method to verify that you have the appropriate rights to use their royalty-free content.

If you have already disputed the claim through YouTube and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Technical Support team and with the following information:

  1. The filename as it appears on our site.
  2. The YouTube link of your video that has received the claim. This is very important - without a link to a specific video (or videos) we cannot move forward in getting the claim released!
  3. A link to the YouTube Channel that has received the claim.
  4. The name of the claimant on your video - this is so we know which company to contact directly to get the claim released. You can find the claimant by logging into your YouTube account, clicking on Video Manager, clicking the Matched third-party content link next to your video, and looking for the company name under the Claimant heading. If there is no claimant, please let us know.