Snagit Library Missing After Update (Snagit 2021 Or Earlier)


After updating Snagit on Windows the Library is missing or empty.


This can occur if the Snagit Datastore was changed from the default location. The captures have not been deleted and can be restored. The Datastore is where Snagit stores its Unsaved Captures. If this Datastore folder is moved from its original location without being exported from the Snagit Editor using this process, then the captures will not automatically open back up in the Snagit Library. However, it is possible to restore these captures so that they show in your Library.

This process will restore the images from the original Datastore and replace any new captures that were taken since it was moved. It is not possible to merge Datastores at this time.

  1. Locate the old Datastore folder that you would like to restore.
  2. View the contents of the Datastore folder.
  3. Enable viewing file extensions in Windows Explorer by opening Control Panel > File Explorer Options > View, deselect Hide extensions for known file types and press Apply.
  4. Select all of the items in the Datastore folder. Right-click the items and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder.
  5. Right-click on the zip file and rename it to Datastore.snagarchive
  6. Select Yes to the following prompt: Are sure you would like to change the extension of the file?
  7. Restore the Datastore in the Snagit Editor:
    Edit > Editor Preferences > Library > Backup/Restore Automatically Stored Files > Restore
  8. Browse to the Datastore.snagarchive file that you created from Step 4 and select Open. This will remove all captures from your existing Library and replace them.