TechSmith Video Review FAQ

Product Usage

What is the URL to access TechSmith Video Review?


What is the difference between a “Content Owner” and a “Reviewer”?

  • A “Content Owner” is a registered subscriber of TechSmith Video Review who is able to upload content into the service and invite others to review their content.
  • A “Reviewer” is someone who has been invited by a Content Owner to review and leave comments on a video or image. A Reviewer may not upload content on their own unless they subscribe or begin a free 30-day trial.


How many people can I invite to review my video or image?

  • As subscriber, you can invite up to 15 people to review each video or image that you upload. However, in most cases we recommend 2-5 colleagues, stakeholders, or subject matter experts.


How many pieces of content can I upload?

  • There is no cumulative limit on how many videos or images you can upload into the service, but you can only have 10 pieces of content that you own in the service at a time.
  • Once you reach 10 and try to upload another video or image, you will be asked to delete one of your current pieces of media before you continue. (*this limit is not currently enforced, but will be in 2018)
  • There are no size or duration limitations on any single piece of media.


Can I remove access to a reviewer once I've sent an invitation?

  • This option is not available at this time, but this capability is expected to be available soon.


What type of video formats can be uploaded?

  • Only MP4 at this time


What type of image formats can be uploaded?

  • JPG and PNG


Can others share the link to my review content?

  • Reviewers are required to log in using the email address provided in the review invitation.  If a reviewer shares the link, others will not be able to access your content without an invitation by email from the content owner.


Does this only work with TechSmith products?

  • No, TechSmith Video Review does not require any other TechSmith product to use the service. Any video (MP4) or image (JPG or PNG) can be uploaded and sent out for review.


What technical support is available to me?

  • Support can be found here.



What payment options are available?

  • At this time, we are only able to accept credit card purchases for the individual user logged in within the product. More payment options will be available in the future.


What is the refund policy for TechSmith Video Review?

  • Within 30 days of purchase, you can receive a full refund by contacting Customer Support at 1-800-517-3001 or by submitting a refund request online .
  • After 30 days, you can cancel your account online by visiting This will stop the auto-renew at the end of the annual term you are on, but you will not receive any refund, full or partial, in this scenario.


How do I cancel my subscription?

  • There are two ways to cancel your subscription:
    • Click the "Cancel your Subscription" button in your receipt.
    • Visit  On the My Account tab, click the Manage Subscription link in the TechSmith Video Review Area.  Click the Cancel Subscription button.


Can my account be transferred to someone else at my organization?

  • At this time, you cannot transfer a subscription to another account.


How can I update my billing for this service?

  • You can update your billing by following the steps here.


How will I be charged for future renewals?

  • Annual recurring billing will be done via the credit card you provided to our Online Store via FastSpring.
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