System Audio Recording Guide For Camtasia On macOS


How do I record the system audio with Camtasia on Mac?


  1. Open Camtasia.
  2. At the top left of Camtasia click Camtasia > Preferences > Recording.
  3. Next to System Audio it should say Uninstall Component.  This means the component is already installed and you should be able to record system audio.
  4. If it says Install Component, click Install Component and follow the prompts to install the system audio component.
  5. Once we have confirmed the system audio component is installed, confirm the Recorder is set to record system audio:

Camtasia 3 and later:


Camtasia 2:


If you have the system audio component installed but it is still not recording system audio, please see this article if you have an Intel Mac or this article if you have an Apple Silicon Mac. If neither of those articles apply, please reach out to technical support.