How to Install Camtasia on Windows

Installing the latest version of Camtasia does not overwrite the previous version, and you can have multiple versions installed. If you wish to uninstall any version of Camtasia follow the steps here.

    1. Download camtasia.exe after purchasing or from here.
    2. Locate camtasia.exe.
      In most cases, the EXE file is located in the Downloads folder. Open File Explorer and browse to:  C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Downloads\
    3. Double-click the camtasia.exe file to begin installing Camtasia.
    4. If this screen appears, Camtasia is already installed on your computer. Close the window and open Camtasia.
    5. Select your language and click Ok.
    6. Read and accept the License Terms, and click Options if you wish to customize the install.
    7. If you click Options you can customize the the installation as shown here.
  1. Click the Start button (and select All apps if you see this)
  2. Open the TechSmith folder and select Camtasia 2019.
  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click the Down button on the Windows tile screen.
  3. Locate the TechSmith section and select Camtasia 2019.