TechSmith Products on OS Previews and Betas

Support for Preview/Beta Operating Systems

TechSmith products are not supported on the preview and beta builds of Windows (Windows Insider Preview) or macOS (public beta's). Many of the changes implemented in these builds are experimental and can result in inconsistent behavior in TechSmith products.

TechSmith does perform internal testing on the beta and preview builds of macOS and Windows to identify any potential issues that may cause a conflict when the final stable build of the operating system is released.

Feedback on Issues

TechSmith is interested in hearing from you if you notice a problem or issue with one of our products on a preview or beta operating system. We do want to make sure that we are diligent in our efforts to be compatible with the latest stable build of Windows and macOS.

While TechSmith will not plan to release updates to fix issues on the preview and beta operating systems, we do want to make sure that we have potential issues addressed for the stable version of the operating system when it is released.

To report an issue, please submit a ticket.