TechSmith and AI

TechSmith products provide features and functionalities that leverage AI technology either locally on-device or through a cloud-based provider. 

On-Device AI Features and Technology Providers

TechSmith products leverage trained and focused AI models that run locally to take advantage of the hardware you have. Task specific to achieve complex outcomes that would take tremendous amounts of time by hand. We use pre-trained, secure, private, and local models when available and feasible for customer hardware.

Cloud AI Features Technology Providers

TechSmith's processing is segmented from that provider's other customers for any cloud-based functionality used. TechSmith does not access any of the transcription, speech or text-generated content and our service providers do not store or train based on that information.

Camtasia AI Features and Providers

Speech-to-Text Transcription

Camtasia uses on-device technology, whisper.cpp, for speech-to-text transcription. This transcription is done for dynamic captions on Windows and Mac, and closed captions on Windows. 

Camera Background Removal

Camtasia provides the option to remove and replace the background of camera recordings with on-device AI technology. Background removal is done through a visual effect and as part of the Camtasia Rev workflow. The providers are MODNet on Windows and Apple Person Selection on MacOS.

Clip Speed

Camtasia provides an audio effect to speed up or slow down audio/video clips using on-device technology Zynaptiq.


Snagit AI Features and Providers

Grab Text

Snagit Editor feature allows you to extract the text from a screenshot to paste into another application (such as a text editor, email, word processor, etc). To accomplish this, Snagit uses on-device providers ABBYY on Windows and Apple OCR on Mac.

Camera Background Blur (Mac Only)

Snagit provides an option to blur your camera background at time of capture using on-device technology, Apple Person Selection, provided by MacOS. 

Audiate AI Features and Providers  

Speech-to-Text Transcription

Audiate leverages cloud-based AI-assisted technology for speech-to-text transcription. This transcription is done with both imported and recorded audio. Audiate currently uses cloud-based providers, Deepgram for English transcription and IBM Watson for all other supported languages. Data is protected via Authorization and Authentication, in-transit encryption. Neither audio nor transcription data are saved.

Generate Audio with Text-to-Speech

As part of its Generate Audio functionality, Audiate uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive services to generate audio from text. This functionality is cloud-based.

Generate Script (Beta)

Audiate’s new Generate Script beta is powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI. This cloud-based generative AI provides options to create, rewrite, summarize and translate scripts.

TechSmith Assets AI Features and Providers

Image Generation (Beta)

TechSmith Assets' new Image Generation beta is powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI DALL-E 3. This cloud-based generative AI feature provides the option to create an image based on text prompts.

Screencast AI Features and Providers

Automatic Captions

Screencast leverages Deepgram's speech-to-text capabilities to deliver accurate captions.

Automatic Titles

Screencast Pro and Knowmia Pro leverage Azure’s OpenAI Service to automatically generate a title, description, and chapters for videos.