Capture an Image with TechSmith Capture

Capture and annotate an image with TechSmith Capture.

Capture an Image

  1. Sign into Screencast. Click the Launch Recorder button.
  2. The launch website opens. If a prompt appears, allow your computer to open the application. If you are unable to launch TechSmith Capture, click the Download and Install link.
    For issues installing TechSmith Capture on MacOS 10.15 Catalina, see this support article.
  3. The Capture dialog appears. In the Screen area selection dropdown, select an option:
    • Full Screen: Capture your entire screen.
    • Region: Select an area on your screen to capture.
  4. Click the Capture button or press Shift+F11 (Windows) Command+Shift+1 (Mac).
  5. If you selected Region, click and drag the crosshairs to select the area to capture.
  6. The capture toolbar appears. Click the Image Capture button.
  7. The Preview dialog appears. Select a color and a tool to draw annotations on the image.
  8. Click one of the following options in the Preview dialog:
    • Click the Upload button to upload your content to
    • Click the Save button to save your content to a location on your computer.
    • Click the Copy button to copy the content to your clipboard and paste in other locations.
    • If you click the Cancel button, the content is permanently deleted.


Tip for Windows Users

For quick access, you can add TechSmith Capture to your taskbar. Click the Windows Start button and browse to TechSmith Capture in Apps. Right-click the TechSmith Capture option and select More > Pin to taskbar.


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