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Product Usage FAQ:


Billing FAQ:

Product Usage FAQ


Is there a limit to how much I can use the application each month?

As a user you most likely will never see a limit. If the system is being used in a non-intended way you may see a warning once you pass 1000 minutes and be required to purchase another subscription to continue recording


Is there a limit to how long I can record?

The maximum recording time is 30 minutes. The recording will stop when this time limit is reached.


How many installs of Audiate can I have at one time?

You may install Audiate on two computers as long as; 1.) you are signed in wiht your own subscription/account, 2.) you are signed in to only one instance of Audiate at a time.


Can I access my Audiate projects offline?

You can access your Audiate project while offline for up to 24 hours since your last connection, however, you will be unable to record without an active internet connection.


What happens to my projects if I cancel my subscription?

Nothing will happen to your projects since all of their data is stored on your machine. However, you will be unable to open the projects without an active subscription. If you are planning to cancel your subscription, export your projects as WAV files, and you will be able to open them in any application that can use a WAV file.


Can I access my old projects if I restart my subscription?

Yes, your projects are stored on your machine, so as long as you do not remove them. You can load and edit them once you have an active subscription.


How long does it take to get a transcribed recording back for editing?

This is mostly dependent on the length of your audio and the speed of your internet connection, but transcription should usually be complete in minutes or less.


My transcriptions seem really inaccurate, am I doing something wrong?

No, while the service will naturally improve over time, the transcription will most likely not be 100% accurate. You can help improve the accuracy of the transcription by speaking slowly and clearly. You can fix mistakes in the transcription if accuracy is important to you, but editing should still be easy even when the words don’t match exactly.  


Does TechSmith have access to my recordings?

No. TechSmith never has access to any audio you’ve recorded.


What does IBM do with my audio?

IBM processes your audio and sends back a transcription. The audio is destroyed at the end of each day, and no personal information is used or sold at any point.


What technical support is available to me?

For Technical Support, submit a support ticket here. To learn how to use TechSmith Video Review, see our help and video tutorials.



Billing FAQ


What payment options are available?

At this time, we are only able to accept credit card purchases for the individual user logged in within the product. More payment options will be available in the future.


Is an annual subscription available?

No. Currently, we only support monthly subscriptions, but you can cancel and restart your monthly subscription anytime.


Can I purchase Audiate for my team?

To purchase volume licenses for Audiate please contact Sales.


What is the refund policy for TechSmith Audiate?

Within 14 days of purchase, you can receive a full refund by contacting Customer Support at 1-800-517-3001 or by submitting a refund request online.

After 14 days, you can cancel your account online by visiting This will stop the auto-renew at the end of the monthly term you are on, but you will not receive any refund, full or partial, in this scenario.


How do I cancel my Audiate subscription?

When logged into your account you should see an option to cancel on your account page.


Can my account be transferred to someone else at my organization?

At this time, you cannot transfer a subscription to another account.


How can I update my billing for this service?

You can update your billing by following the steps here.


How will I be charged for future renewals?

Recurring billing will be done via the credit card you provided to our Online Store via FastSpring.