Start a Review

TechSmith Video Review is an online collaboration tool to easily get clear feedback on videos and images. Simply upload a video or image, invite reviewers, and share feedback.

1. Upload a Video or Image

  1. Sign in to TechSmith Video Review.
  2. Click the Start Review button.
  3. Drag and drop a video or image file onto the New Review dialog or click the Select a File to Upload button.

    MP4, JPEG, or PNG file formats are supported.


2. Enter Project Info

After uploading the file, enter optional details such as a deadline and description for your reviewers. A preview of the video or image appears at the top of this screen.

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Click vr-deadlineicon.png to set a review deadline. (Optional)
  3. Enter a description. (Optional)
    The description appears in the reviewer email request.
  4. Click the Next button.

3. Invite Reviewers

Send the video or image to your coworkers, collaborators, or stakeholders for review feedback.

  1. Enter the reviewer's email address into the Reviewers field. Separate email addresses with a comma or semicolon.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. The list of pending invites appears. To remove an email address, click the X icon.
  4. Click the Invite button to send a review request to the email addresses entered.

Example Email

Reviewers receive an email invitation with your email address, the review description, and the review deadline. Click the Start Review button to begin a review. To learn how to add a review comment, see Review a Video or Image.