Review Access Options

Video Review offers two methods for sending video or images to your coworkers, collaborators, or stakeholders for review feedback. Learn which method is best for your project based on your review goals and content:


1. Invite Reviewers by Email

Reviewers must be invited by email and sign in using a free TechSmith account to access the review.


Best for:

  • Small reviewer groups
  • Content is confidential, private, or cannot be shared outside of an organization.
  • You may require follow up questions with a specific reviewer based on their feedback.


See Invite Reviewers by Email.


2. Invite Reviewers with Link

Anyone with the link (URL) can access the review. Reviewers enter a temporary display name to enter review comments.


Best for:

  • Large reviewer groups
  • Reviews open to the public or crowd-sourcing
  • You do not require follow up questions regarding feedback from a specific reviewer.


See Invite Reviewers with Link.


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