Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax? What If I Am Tax Exempt?

Online Orders

Online orders placed in the United States are subject to sales tax. Once an online order has been placed, if a tax refund is needed, a tax refund request can be submitted to Your order number along with an exemption certificate will be needed to process the refund.


Phone, Fax & Emailed Orders

If you are purchasing over the phone or via purchase order in the state of MI, IN, WI, GA, AL or FL,  you will be charged sales tax. (GA & FL= taxation is on physical products only). 

If tax-exempt, a copy of your tax exemption certificate is required when placing your order. To place a tax-exempt order over the phone with a credit card, please contact us.


Tax-exempt Refund

Tax-exempt individuals and entities can request a refund of the tax paid on an order. We will need a copy of your tax-exempt certificate. along with your order number or a copy of your receipt/invoice.  You can submit a ticket or fax a copy of your certificate, with order number or receipt/invoice to 800-576-7339.