Install or Reinstall My Purchase

1. Locate your purchase

Select one of these options:

Be sure to look for your most recent receipt. If you can only find older receipts, check your TechSmith account as well (see Option B) in case you have a more recent software key.

In your emailed receipt, click the Download the <Product> Installer link.

  1. Visit and sign in to your TechSmith account.
  2. On the Dashboard, from the product menu, select Download product.


  3. Product not visible on the dashboard?
    Go to the Keys tab and next to the needed product, select Download.


    If your software key is not listed, select Save a key or Save another key, enter your key, and save it.

2. Download Snagit/Camtasia

After you find your purchase and click the install/download file, the software should start downloading automatically and you can view the product download page with further instructions. 


3. Install and unlock

See these support articles for further help with the installation:


Snagit: Installation instructions for Windows, Mac


Camtasia: Installation instructions for Windows, Mac

Unlock the product to start using it. See these support articles:


Snagit: Unlock on Windows, Mac


Camtasia: Unlock on Windows, Mac

If you receive a message about exceeded activations, see this support article.


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