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At, you can manage who can access your cloud products:

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If you are looking for information about Snagit or Camtasia software keys, please see the License and Software Keys FAQ.

As for the Camtasia subscription, it is for individuals only and is not transferable.

If you purchased a cloud product subscription, instead of assigning seats yourself, you can add multiple seat managers whose sole responsibility will be to assign seats to end users.


An email message will notify them about their new seat manager status:


Seat managers assign seats in exactly the same way as you. See Grant Someone Access to a Product.

Note that seat managers:


Can assign seats only for the subscription where you add them.

If you have multiple subscriptions, you will need to add seat managers for each one separately.


Don't have permission to add other users as seat managers: only subscription owners can do that.


Are limited to only allocating access to products. They will not be able to see any additional details about the subscription in other tabs.

Subscription owner remains the only one who can make new purchases, cancelations, and renewals.


Can stop being a seat manager at any time.

If you purchased a subscription directly and would like to fully hand over subscription management (not just seat management) to someone else, see (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) About Ownership Transfer.

Subscription transfer is not available for online store purchases.


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