Snagit Subscription FAQ

Licensing & Activation




Using The Software


Licensing & Activation

What benefits does an individual Snagit subscription offer?
Our Snagit subscription tends to be well-received by those that prefer a lower entry price point or aren't sure how long they'll be utilizing the software. The subscription includes live tech support, an online certification course, and access to all upgrades and updates. We also offer live webinars and a variety of tutorials to help learn the software.


How do I activate the Snagit subscription?
No software key is required with the subscription purchase! Sign into the software using the email address that was used during the purchase to activate the software. 


Do I need an Internet connection to access the Snagit subscription?
You will need to connect to the Internet to initially sign in and activate the software. You can be offline for a maximum of 90 days. The software will require an Internet connection by day 91 to validate the activation again.  Each time the computer is back online, the 90 day lease period resets.


Is there a way to activate offline with the Snagit subscription?
There is no offline activation. You would need to refund the subscription and purchase perpetual to utilize offline activation.


I want to use Snagit on two different computers simultaneously. How can I do this?
Snagit Individual is a single user license, licensed to a specific individual, and can only be open on one computer at a time.

If you want to use Snagit on two computers, such as for work and home, you have a few options! You can install Snagit on up to two computers at the same time. To switch from one computer to the other, simply close the Snagit application on the first computer. This will let you use Snagit on the second machine. To use the software on more than two machines, you'll need to sign out of your previous installations or machines you're not currently using.

If you need to use Snagit on two different machines simultaneously you would need to buy 2 perpetual licenses.


What do I do if I run out of activations with the Snagit subscription?
Signing out of the software on an unused machine will free up an activation. If you do not have physical access to the machines that are currently signed in, you can free up an activation at


Can I add a license to my Snagit subscription?
No. Unlike Assets or Audiate subscriptions, the Snagit subscription is for single users only. Each license must be associated with a unique email address.


What happens to Snagit when my subscription expires?
The software will be deactivated with an inactive subscription.  You will no longer be able to open the Snagit software.


What happens to my content after expiration?
You will still have access to any Snagit captures and videos you have saved to your computer as a common image and/or video format.  However, Snagit capture files (.snagx) can only be opened and edited in Snagit Editor.  Unless the Snagit Library is configured to use cloud storage, access to those files is limited to the specific computer where they are stored.   If you renew your Snagit subscription, you will be able to access previous (.snagx) captures.

If Screencast Pro was part of your subscription, no content in Screencast will be deleted for one year after your expiration. At that time, content that has not been viewed in over a year may be deleted.


How do I export my Snagit Library if I no longer plan to use Snagit?

While you still have an active subscription or active trial of Snagit, use the Batch Convert Images tool to export your Snagit image captures, which also converts them from .snagx (Snagit’s image project file type) to a standard image file such as .png, jpg, or a number of other formats.

Videos created with Snagit are already stored in the Snagit Library folder as standard .mp4 files and animated GIFs as standard .gif files. So you can directly copy or move those files to another location using File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

If Screencast Pro is part of your subscription, export each piece of media you’d like to keep. If you no longer have an active subscription or trial of Snagit, contact TechSmith support for additional options.


I own Snagit and have maintenance. Do I need this new subscription offering?
If you already own Snagit, you can keep your current license. With your active maintenance agreement, you’ll continue to receive all of the Snagit benefits we offer, including access to upgrades and updates, premium live technical support, Snagit certification training, and extended version support.


Can I use the subscription license for business/work?
At this time, the Snagit subscription license is for individuals only, and it is not transferable. That being said, you are welcome to use Snagit for one user, one device at a time, at any location, and for any purpose of your choosing, including personal and business. We may offer a business or teams license in the future, with the ability to purchase multiple licenses.


Can I share the license with someone else? Is it transferable?
Licenses are for one user and are linked to the email address it is purchased with. The license is not transferable. If you need a transferable license, the perpetual license would be the best choice for you.


How do I purchase a subscription license for someone else?

If you’re looking to purchase Snagit for someone else we recommend the perpetual license since the Snagit subscription is non-transferable.


Can I bundle the Snagit and Camtasia individual license?
The Camtasia/Snagit Bundle is available as a subscription.  You can purchase a subscription for both products together as a discount on our store.



How am I billed?
To ensure the best subscription experience, annual automatic renewal is required. Choose from the same payment options we offer for all our online purchases - major credit cards, PayPal, and AmazonPay.


Can I pay monthly?
No, we only offer an annual payment plan.


Is there an edu/gov discount?
The subscription license lets any individual enjoy Snagit at one low-entry price, inclusive of all industries and uses. For that reason, there are no industry-specific discounts needed for the Snagit subscription license.


Do you offer multi-licenses?
At this time we only offer single subscription licenses (you can sign in on up to two machines, such as work and home, but can only use one at a time). We plan to offer multi-licenses for business subscription licenses in the future.


How Do I Cancel?

Follow the steps in this article.


If I get the subscription license and then cancel, can I purchase an upgrade at a later time?
No. Only customers who have previously owned a perpetual license are eligible to purchase an upgrade. However, you may reactivate your subscription at any time and continue to enjoy Snagit at the subscription rate.


How can I turn off auto-renewal?

Follow the steps in this article.


Using The Software

I have a perpetual license and others have a subscription. Can we still share files as usual?
Nothing changes as long as you’re running the same version of Snagit. Having different license types does not prevent you from collaborating with Snagit.


Is this a cloud product now? 
No, it’s not a cloud product. This is an annual subscription license of a locally installed, desktop version of Snagit. It is downloaded and installed on your desktop physically, the same as the perpetual version.


Are the perpetual and subscription licenses the exact same product? Same features/system requirements?
Yes, they are the exact same product. It’s the same Snagit, so it works the same, with the same features and system requirements.