Hand Over a Subscription to Someone Else

At manage.techsmith.com, you can either delegate the seat manager role, or fully transfer your cloud product subscription:

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For information about your Snagit or Camtasia license key, see this support article.

As for Snagit or Camtasia individual subscription, it is tied to your email address and is not transferable.

Option #1 – Delegate the seat manager role

When you purchase a cloud product subscription for your team, you need to assign product seats to your team members, so they can start using the product.

You can do this by yourself, or you can delegate the task of assigning seats to one or more seat managers.


Seat managers get full access to the Seats page for a subscription, so in the same way as you, they can:

  • Assign the product seats to end users via a link or by email.
  • Revoke the already assigned seats.

But that’s where the seat manager’s responsibilities end: as a subscription owner, you remain in charge of the subscription (purchases, cancelations, renewals). See this support article.

icon that illustrates adding seat managers

Option #2 – Fully transfer the subscription (direct orders only)

After you purchase a cloud product subscription over the phone or with a purchase order, you can transfer the subscription to another account.

direct orders_18.png

A subscription can have only one owner, so after you transfer it to another account, you cannot view or manage the subscription anymore. Instead, the new subscription owner becomes in charge of the subscription (purchases, cancelations, renewals, seat assignments). See this support article.

If you purchased a product in our online store, at this time, you cannot transfer a subscription to another account.



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