Snagit and Camtasia Upgrade FAQ

Is this a one-time fee?

Snagit & Camtasia Perpetual Licenses

One-time fee with annually renewing Maintenance.

While the initial purchase is a one-time fee, you must have an active Maintenance agreement to continue receiving the benefits of Maintenance, including access to minor updates/bug fixes for the products.

Active Maintenance provides access to:

  • The latest new releases and features, guaranteed! We continually release software updates!
  • Premium technical support, including live phone and chat, plus expedited response times on email and online tickets (phone support U.S. only).
  • Certification training to develop skills, including 20+ exclusive how-to videos each for Snagit and Camtasia.

Additionally, Maintenance benefits also include volume discounts, extended version support, and one software key that lets you easily package, deploy, and manage all your 5+ licenses.

Customers who opt to renew Maintenance annually will continue to receive all the benefits that a current/active agreement offers– a great value compared with the cost of an upgrade or a new license.

Snagit & Camtasia Individual License Subscriptions

Yearly renewal.

The Snagit and Camtasia Individual license subscriptions allow access to the latest version of the product as long as you have an active subscription.

The Individual License subscription is a single user non-transferable license, licensed to a specific individual, and can only be open on one computer at a time.

The subscription license includes live chat & email tech support, certification, and access to all updates/upgrades, as well as the convenience of no key for authentication. We also offer live webinars and a variety of tutorials to help learn the software.

I have Maintenance, how do I upgrade Snagit or Camtasia?

If you have an active Maintenance agreement, one of the benefits that you receive is access to the latest software version.

For information about accessing the latest version, see:

If you need help finding your key, see this support article.

Am I eligible to upgrade at a discount?

Upgrade pricing is available for perpetually owned products, previous subscription holders are not eligible for upgrade pricing.

Upgrades can be purchased through our online store. You can find more information here:


Need to upgrade 10+ users?

Contact our Sales Team online:

Contact by phone at +1 (517)-381-2300.

  • Phones are open Monday - Thursday, 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time.


How do I install the upgrade?

After you purchase the upgrade or receive access via an active Maintenance agreement:

  1. You will receive a new software key right to your email. If you need help finding your key, see this support article.
  2. Download the new software version from the TechSmith's Download Center.
  3. Install the new software version. See these support articles:

    You do not need to uninstall the previous software version before installing the upgrade.

  4. Unlock the new software version using the new software key. See these support articles:

Can I install on two computers?

Snagit & Camtasia Perpetual Licenses

Your single-user license can be installed on up to two machines, for example, you can install your program on both a desktop and a laptop, or on a Mac and Windows machine.

This is a valid use of your license as long as you are the only user and are not using both computers at the same time. For more details, see our End User License Agreement:

You can transfer your license from one user to another (or one computer to another) by uninstalling on the old computer and reinstalling on the new computer using the same software key. See this support article.

Software keys will work on both Mac and Windows for:

  • Snagit 10 and later.
  • Camtasia 9 and later.

Snagit & Camtasia Individual License Subscriptions

Snagit or Camtasia Individual License can be installed on up to two computers at the same time, as long as you are the only user. You can only be signed into the product on one computer at a time. This is a valid use of your license. Individual subscription licenses are not transferable to another user.

I have a licensing or software key question:

See our License and Software Keys FAQ.



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